And dedicated to community service.

• Mike Lyons has proven his talent and capabilities during 30 years of service to the community.

• Mike sees the broad perspective.

• He pursues long term goals for the town, and he acts decisively on opportunities that will bring long-range value to our community.

• In the short term problems we have faced, Mike has shown unique leadership, both in his thorough analysis of the issues and in his collaborative, solution-minded approach.

• Mike is a fiscal conservative.

• He is deeply experienced in all aspects of local government.

• Mike is a lifelong resident of Richfield and he has shown time and time again his long term commitment to the community.

LEADER I am collaborative, strategic and transparent. My type of leadership seeks to develop a community consensus among citizens and public officials alike.
DEDICATED I am a lifelong resident, and I have been an elected village official for 30 years. I know the history of our town’s development because I have lived that history and I have been at the table of deliberation.
EXPERIENCED Besides my 20 years on council and 8 as mayor of Richfield, my professional life as a lawyer has centered on advising municipal, township and county officials, including my current responsibility as head of the civil division of the Medina County Prosecutor’s Office.
SENSIBLE I understand government finances and my fiscal approach is conservative. I know the Village’s finances and I have consistently demonstrated restraint in the face of a trend toward increased spending and I have supported efforts to diversify our tax base.
SERVANT I have always desired to serve our town. I believe I have demonstrated a serious minded diligence in the management of public resources. When officials are open to listen to one another and to residents, and look long-term, decision making is productive. I want to serve the town in that rewarding process.


A mayor can create an open and collaborative culture in our Village government. The mayor and administrative staff must be open with information and seek out discussions.
That's leadership.

Council has not fulfilled its role because it has not consistently done the difficult work of deliberation. This requires a devotion of time, patience and mutual respect, as well as close collaboration and trust with the administration. Without a collaborative culture elected officials don`t plan and strategize for recreation, infrastructure, efficiency in operations, economic development, and land use planning.
Without a collaborative culture government merely reacts to problems.

I know the challenges of local government, and I will create an open culture in which our Village government will achieve strategic, long-range progress.
I am the candidate who can make this happen.

Michael Lyons, 3300 Broadview Rd., Richfield, OH
Cell: 330-310-5926

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