The Future of Richfield

I have served as a councilman, planning commission member and now as mayor with the desire to preserve the qualities that make Richfield a great place to live. The core set of ideas that influence my vision for the future include:
o Preserve the open spaces, natural infrastructure and sense of community.
o Recognize the unique position of Richfield as a high quality development area in Northeast Ohio, and balance the development of the office, industrial and commercial land with the goal of preserving the quality of life in the community.

I have always regarded land-use planning and fiscal planning as my most important responsibilities as an elected leader. How our land is planned, zoned and used and how our town's public revenue is raised and wisely used - these are the core public tools to carry out a vision for our town's future.
o Comprehensive Plan. I spearheaded the current effort to update the Village's comprehensive land use plan. My efforts have resulted in the mapping of all land uses in the Village and Township, the identification and analysis of all the undeveloped land in both communities, and a new focus on the high-priority development and high-priority conservation areas in the Village.
o Park and Recreation Plan. I have also pushed for the same type of comprehensive planning process with the park board. The park board has made progress, and this planning will bear a great deal of fruit in the next few years.
o Solid and Comprehensive Approach. My approach is conservative and takes time, but it is comprehensive and establishes a foundation for high quality, sustainable improvements. We have all seen the towns that result from slipshod planning and will-nilly, unsustained jumps at progress.

I know planning alone is insufficient. We must act to carry out our vision.
o Land Preservation. Much of the remaining open land in Richfield is in the process of passing from one generation to another. I worked hard to obtain grants to purchase the Carter and Eastwood when this occurred, and I continue with a vision for the targeted preservation of open space in Richfield. The opportunities will never come again.
o Recreation. I led the recent acquisition of land behind Village Hall and east of the library with a vision of creating a great public recreation space for the town, which will accommodate tennis courts, walking trails, a pool and recreation facility as finances allow.
o Infrastructure. Many citizens want and need water lines to their homes, and I have held talks with the City of Cleveland about a financially viable extension of lines.
o Economic Development. I meet regularly with prospective companies and developers who are attracted to Richfield and our central transportation location. And I keep close contacts with the high-quality companies currently part of Richfield's solid tax base.

Richfield's development has been well-planned, gradual and high quality. Our success, in part, has been the result of continuity in leadership. Now is not the time for a change in leadership or a break from our vision.

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